We offer a wide-ranging bouquet of fixed income investment services to Retail, High Net Worth and Institutional clients, both home and abroad seeking a guaranteed fixed return on their investment portfolios for a specified investment horizon. Our investment offerings include: 

  • Federal Government Bonds
    We provide access for long term investors seeking to invest in bonds issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN). We are a duly appointed distribution agent to the FGN Savings Bond and we, at no cost, facilitate easy and efficient collation and submission of clients’ bids for the monthly FGN bond auctions.
  • Eurobonds

    Clients with foreign currency assets enjoy the access we provide to corporate and sovereign Eurobonds issued by reputable institutions both within and outside Africa. We also facilitate access to hedged products for clients with local currency assets looking to create Eurobond exposures but seeking to mitigate unfavourable exchange rate volatility.

  • State and Local Government Bonds

    We offer access to Sub-national Bonds issued by State or Local Governments. Similar to FGN Bonds, these bonds are usually semi-annual coupon paying bonds and are backed by the State or Local Government issuing the bonds.

  • Corporate Bonds

    We offer blue-chip corporate bonds that are backed by corporate entities to clients seeking higher interest rates or yields than Government bonds.

  • Treasury Bills and Commerical Papers

    We help clients invest in the Federal Government Treasury bills and Corporate Commercial Papers. These instruments are the best investment vehicles for clients with short-term investment horizons or those with liquidity needs.