We deliver top notch equities investment services to both international and local clients, offering several products that provide value and make investing in the Nigerian Equities market a breeze. Below is a list of our custom product offerings:

We provide brokerage services with an unparalleled execution approach that is in line with our best execution policy and ensures the best possible result for our clients. We use either a direct, managed or an hybrid approach in executing clients’ orders.

Also, Trade Direct, our flexible, efficient and easy-to-use online trading platform provides clients direct access to real time quotes, execution and information on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. TradeDirect enables our clients access their accounts round the clock and also set alerts on their trades. With the TradeDirect, you can never be caught unaware.

Global Account Reconciliation & Consolidation
Investing in stocks can be quite cumbersome sometimes, we are available to assist you in the reconciliation of your account to ensure your stocks and dividend are intact and accurate across your various accounts.

Margin Trading
On demand, we provide our sophisticated clients with a dedicated trading line that can help leverage their portfolios and potentially magnify their returns.